Leicester experts work with aspiring scientists from Girlguiding Leicestershire to bring science to life 

When the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology at our University celebrated International Women’s Day, they didn’t know they would end up helping local girls to find out what a baby ladybird looks like up close.

As part of their celebrations, the Genetics Equality and Diversity Initiative (GEDI) organised a cake and book sale to raise funds for WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), the official charity of International Women’s Day. 

Rather than donate to the international WAGGGS organisation, they asked local Guide Leaders Dr Alex Woodacre and Dr Ruth Barber (both former members of the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology) how best to help local Guiding directly. 

Alex and Ruth suggested the purchase of a set of lab coats and safety goggles in child sizes that would help to bring science alive for the girls and young women in Guiding.

The lab coats and goggles will make up part of a Science Box available for use by all members of Girlguiding Leicestershire and these resources will make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities more accessible for leaders without any science background or training, encouraging more participation in science by the girls and women of Leicestershire.

for full details clickhttps://www2.le.ac.uk/news/blog/2017-archive/july/leicester-experts-work-with-aspiring-scientists-from-girlguiding-leicestershire-to-bring-science-to-life

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100 years of Girlguiding Leicestershire 

100 years of Girlguiding Leicestershire caught in photos and snippets from patrol log books, minutes of meetings and memorable badges. It's available in the shop now for £7.50.

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April Bulletin 

April Bulletin is here

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Centenary challenge Launched 

Over the following pages you will find Challenges from each of the 15 Divisions in our county. These are things that each Division wants to shout about and share with their friends across our guiding county.

Whether it is visiting a place of interest, trying a new sleepover venue, a brilliant day out, something to make, an activity, a community opportunity, a recipe, a special event or anything else in Leicestershire, we are challenging you all to be a part of it. For more details click here

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Girlguiding Leicestershire Smartphone App launched 

Keep up to date on the move    

Download the new App for Girlguiding Leicestershire


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Walking the Leicestershire Round 

Celebrate 100 years by walking 100 miles around Leicestershire.

for further details click here

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County History Book 

We are now taking pre orders for the county history book.

This is expected to be published on the 17th June and will cost under £10.

By preordering you allow us to more accurately order the number of books we may need. 

To pre order click here

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February eBulletin  

The February edition of the eBulletin is winging its way to your mailbox. If you cant wait, you can download it, and back issues here 

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DofE Dates announced 

A number of DofE training and expedition dates have now been added.

Please look here

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Our shop is number One!!!! 

Our shop is the number 1 depot in the country ⭐️🎉🎈💗 A huge thanks to our amazing volunteer team who run it so efficiently and to Leaders and parents who make a point of buying their guiding goodies from our county shop. 💗

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