Thank you for registering your interest in shouting and sharing your mountain top moments of your Centenary celebrations.

Here are a few steps to follow so your blog post is amazing. Your blog post can be in several formats, from a written post, a video, a poem or a collage of photos.

Your blog post can be about everything Centenary. From what you did in your unit meeting, what wonderful event you have attended, what happened at your Brownies holiday, your international experience or the adventures of your unit mascot and how they have celebrated the Centenary. Also, your post could be from an individual, a six, a patrol or a unit.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Contact Georgina Fearn ( and Beck Jeffs ( by email or using this form to enquire about when you would like your post to be published – we would love to have an action packed blog but on the occasion that we have several posts on the same day or week you may be asked to change your publishing date.
  2. Once you have received confirmation of your publishing date, complete and submit the Birthday Blog Request Form, which can be found on the website here, a minimum of two days before the publishing date.
  3. Vuala – your post should appear on the blog
  4. In the meantime, keep an eye out at for all the exciting Centenary updates.

If you have any questions regarding your post, please contact Georgina Fearn ( and Beck Jeffs (


Here are some handy Top Tips for your Post

  • If you just want to just post photos or a video, that’s fine, please remember to gain photo permission for all members within the photos. If you have any doubt do not share the image. If your photo/video includes those over 14 years of age get their consent to sharing.
  • Handy Photo Tips:
    • Natural images that represent positive behaviour and relationships are the best.
    • Don’t show girls on their own, looking isolated or always looking at the camera for a posed photo.
    • Action photos are better than posed photos.
    • Do shows girls engaged in activities working in groups or laughing with each other
  • Photos and videos can be submitted in all formats (from JPEGs or PNGs or YouTube video link or a MPEG/MOV etc.).
  • Within your post, do not use full names of members or other information which could identify individual members.
  • Do not leave writing your post until the last minute – be realistic about how long it could take you to write you post and collate your photos after an event.
  • Remember to write your post using the font Trebuchet MS

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