Girlguiding Leicestershire is grateful to all the volunteers and supporters who make it possible for so many girls and young women to learn from, and enjoy, guiding. There are times when it seems appropriate to recognise that contribution with more than just a “Thank You”, so Girlguiding has a range of awards, at various levels, that may be made in recognition of:

  • meritorious conduct (for members under the age of 26)
  • outstanding and excellent service
  • long service.

If you know of someone whose contribution/achievement could be recognised in one of the ways described below, please contact your local Commissioner, or the County Awards Adviser via or Girlguiding Leicestershire County office, for advice.

Girlguiding Leicestershire Awards

County Brooch
This is awarded by the County Commissioner to any member of the Association who has given outstanding service to the County – often in more than one capacity.

County Appreciation Brooch
Division Commissioners can apply for this local award for adult Leaders who have given exceptional service in a unit, which can be at a sectional, District or Division level. Please contact County office for an application form, which asks for a brief explanation as to why the brooch should be awarded.

Girlguiding Midlands Awards

Outstanding Service
The Midlands Region Award (Brooch and Certificate)

This award is given solely at the discretion of the Region Chief Commissioner.  It may be given to a member or non-member within Girlguiding Midlands Region and recognises outstanding service/commitment/achievement or courage. Nominations for this award may be made by anyone within or outside of Girlguiding.  The Region Chief Commissioner will make the final decision as to whether an award is given.The nominee’s County Commissioner must be informed of the nomination.

The Chief Commissioner’s Award
Awarded for outstanding service to local guiding to an active volunteer who holds an appointment at Unit level.

Applications should be for service at “grass roots” level only. Anyone inside or outside of Girlguiding can recommend any member but the application form must be signed by the appointing Commissioner and the County Commissioner.  Forms may be obtained from County Commissioners, County Awards Adviser, or downloaded from the Region Web site. A special event at which the awards are presented by the Midland Region Chief Commissioner takes place annually. Nominations must be selected by the County Awards committee or by the County Commissioner in the absence of a committee.

The County Awards Adviser normally invites nominations for this award in the Spring, but nominations may be made throughout the year.

For more information see

Meritorious Conduct The Midlands Region Award of Merit
This award may be given to any member of Girlguiding Midlands Region, aged 5 years up to their 26 birthday, who has displayed great courage or fortitude or who, without risk to her own life, has shown great initiative or responsibility at an incident.

Girlguiding UK Awards/ UK National Honours

Information about these awards is here

Recognized Volunteer Certificate

A Recognised Volunteer Certificate can be presented to individuals who volunteer regularly in guiding but have chosen not to be a full adult member.

Do you have a person in your area who is always there helping but has never become a member? An Occasional helper who comes along to camp every year or helps each time you are doing craft with the unit? There are certificates available for Recognised Volunteers – 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of service, which are signed and awarded by the Unit Leader or a Commissioner.

Please contact County office if you have someone who would appreciate one of these.